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SmarTV Company Overview
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Based in Westerville, Ohio, The SmarTV Company, LLC specializes in creating software applications, manufacturing hardware solutions, and providing TV entertainment content and services for the hospitality, business, healthcare, and residential marketplaces. The SmarTV Company employs over 60 professionals whose passion is developing solutions that integrate disparate systems and provide intuitive user experiences.

The SmarTV Company’s flexible technology infrastructure and integration platform allows customized solutions incorporating multiple systems to be designed, packaged, integrated, installed and configured more quickly, easily, and affordably.

With the addition of TV content services and advertising components in 2012, new brand names have been developed for entry into targeted markets, including GuestSmarTV for hospitality and PatientSmarTV for healthcare. Furthermore, the AdSmarTV portal and MobileSmarTV applications span all of the targeted verticals, rounding out the entire suite of products available from The SmarTV Company.

The company’s vision is to shape the future of software, hardware, and TV entertainment by developing customer-specific applications and products that create industry-specific value.

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SmarTV Company Overview